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Scopolamine is a drug used for nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. It can be also administered for. intestinal cramping, ophthalmic purposes, and as a general depressant and adjunct to narcotic painkillers.

How to Use Scopolamine Patch?

Scopolamine patch is supposed to be placed on the skin behind the ear. The patch must be applied to a clean, dry and hairless area. The desirable effects are achieved 4 hours after the patch has been applied. Each patch is effective for 3 days. The person must adhere to all the directions provided by a manufacturer of the drug. The first thing is to wash the area behind the ear and wipe it with a clean, dry tissue. The area must be dry. The protective pouch of the patch as well as the clear plastic protective strip is removed and the exposed adhesive surface of the patch is placed on the previously cleaned area. One should pay attention not to contaminate the exposed adhesive layer with fingers. Once applied the patch should be pressed firmly for 10-20 minutes. And finally, after the entire process is finished, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. The patch is left for three days and then removed and thrown away. The area behind the ear is washed together with hands and if a new patch needs to be applied the entire process repeats in the same manner as the first time. Only this time the patch is applied behind the other ear.

Scopolamine Patch - Precautions

Scopolamine patch is not to be applied to people who may have an allergy to scopolamine or other drugs. A patient should inform a doctor or pharmacist about all medications (prescription and nonprescription) he is taking prior to taking the patch.. Furthermore, all medical conditions (current and the previous ones) must be reported as well. Women are obliged to report pregnancy and if they are breastfeeding and in case a woman becomes pregnant while under treatment with scopolamine she should consult a doctor immediately. .

Side Effects of Scopolamine Patches

Scopolamine patches side effects include drowsiness, disorientation, confusion, hallucinations, dry mouth, dilated pupils, blurred vision, and difficulty urinating and rash. People who consume alcohol during treatment with scopolamine patches are at higher risk of complications.

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