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Depression presents an illness present in our society in a larger quantity than we care to admit. Numerous people lead unhappy and unhealthy lives not even being aware that they are depressed and that they need the medical assistance in order to be cured.

Causes of Depression

Some shocks from early childhood such as a death in the family, a certain tragedy of other type, a divorce and many others may lead to the development of depression later in life. Also, if some members of the family were prone to depression there is a high risk factor that a child who grew in such environment will be depressed too. The most peculiar and fearsome fact about this condition is that there is not a certain group of people which may suffer from it. Rather, all people may become clinically depressed in some parts of their lives, regardless of the happiness and pleasant life they had been leading before. Small, short lasting events may trigger this condition within a person and the illness may stick with one for many, many years. However, certain factors do exist, making some people more prone to getting clinically depressed than the others.

Depression Risk Factors

Among children depression is present among both genders. With adults it is not the case, though, since there is a significantly larger amount of women being clinically depressed than men. This may be due to the fact that women accept this condition more than men do, and seek medical help while men probably endure the whole process on their own. One of the additional reasons may be women’s hormones since they tend to make women more moody and prone to mental changes than men. Unhappy marriage may cause this condition in both men and women. The pressure of living in an unhappy environment, while at the same time considering it your family, may often cause one to lose his or her self-esteem and fall into the depths of depression. An important thing about the depression is that may work on a boomerang principle. If you had fought depression before and won, there is a great chance that the condition will return again.


Although many people choose to fight this condition on their own, seeking medical assistance is the best way to successfully get rid of depression. Psychologists know how to pinpoint the cause of it and thus to prescribe a therapy which, when held on to, may help you get rid of depression for good.

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