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Automated External Defibrillators, also known as AED devices, are items used for restoring people who have suffered from a cardiac arrest into their former, healthy state, with their heart beating. Their usage in hospitals world wide has saved the lives of many people.

Moreover, recently, these have been installed in many schools, public places and other surroundings where we have a constant flow of people. Truly, we can never know when something bad can happen, making someone's life depending on the AED and a quick intervention. Surely, the ambulance arrives as soon as possible, but sometimes the extra minute can mean life for some people who experience heart problems.

Therefore, AEDs are to be placed in every school and public place so that they can save lives, should the occasion arise. It only takes a small effort to enable this project worldwide. However, once there is an AED device present in all these places, the life-insurance effect will be incredible and the number of deadly accidents can be reduced to a bare minimum, which is good for all of us.

More Facts about AED Devices

These devices are small and light, but, nevertheless, capable of emitting an electric impulse strong enough for restarting one's heart once it stops beating. These devices are very easy to use, since they are almost completely automated and come with straightforward, simple instructions.

Thus, they can easily be mounted in all schools, being there for those in need. Parents and children, when working together, can speak to the principal of the school or the head of the municipality, suggesting that AED devices be mounted in every school.

Then, children and the school staff need to be taught how to use AEDs properly, in order to be ready in case of emergency and avoid making things even worse by handling these devices inadequately.

On a global scale, an AED device is fairly cheap. One of the best models available, the Phillips HeartStart, costs about $1300 on Amazon. Therefore, it is a small investment to be made, taking into consideration the amount of lives it can save.

All in all, prevention is better than treatment or loss of a child's life. So, an AED in every school can make us more prepared and capable of reacting adequately in need. For all the benefits it brings, it should be taken into serious consideration.

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