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The growth of the internet as a worldwide phenomenon has changed many people's approach to shopping and consumerism in general. It has allowed easier access to stores in different locations, brought a wider range of choice and, significantly, has also allowed the user to browse from the comfort of his/her own home. This has had a knock-on effect with regard to the purchasing of hearing aids; previously a complicated process involving a chain of people including a local dispenser, an autologist or otologist and a manufacturer, the internet user can now purchase directly from the manufacturer. The middle-man has been effectively cut out.

However, it is of course necessary to research the product one is buying. Ensure the seller is genuine and follows proper medical protocol. If one does this, buying hearing aids online can save time and money as well as ensuring that the most appropriate product for you is acquired.


As indicated earlier, purchasing online saves time. Comparing prices can be done quickly and efficiently at home, thus reducing travel. Since one often deals directly with the manufacturer or supplier when ordering online, delivery time will most likely be reduced after ordering; on the other hand, dealing with a (perhaps distant) manufacturer may lead to increased repair time, depending on your location.

Most likely, a wider choice will be available online and thus, prices will be more competitive. Therefore, it is possible to get a more accurate and efficient picture of exactly what each individual vendor is offering and for what prices. Often, high-end products will be available at excellent prices. This will allow you to gain excellent value for money. You can also find out whether you are dealing directly with a manufacturer or a third-party.

Things to remember

It is important to ensure that proper customer service and support will be available should you order online. Check that the vendor you purchase from has a customer support system before buying. It is necessary to check the provider's policy and credentials; will they answer questions you send? Are there knowledgeable professionals working at the company?

Due to the slightly less personal nature of online purchasing, it is important to have trust in the vendor. Most sellers will provide good customer support, but it is also advisable to check whether the supplier will provide post-sale maintenance on the hearing aid. Some retailers will not provide this service and therefore one must think carefully before agreeing on a purchase.

Be wary of retailers who seem to be selling products at unviably low prices. They may be selling outdated or low-quality products. However, this is not always the case, particularly if the retailer is the manufacturer or if the company operates exclusively online. A consumer must examine the product as carefully as possible and in this way, one may find some excellent deals and prices in the online world.

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