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A 99 year old Italian man is getting a divorce after 77 years of marriage! Why? Antonio C (as the press is calling him) found out that his wife had an affair in the 1940s after discovering love letters dating back to the Second World War!

He moved out, moved back in, but then declared the marriage was over and he was getting a divorce. The couple, identified only as Antonia and Rosa C, met in Rosa's hometown of Naples when Antonia was stationed there back in the 1930s. They got married, and had five children, 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. They are now 99 and 93 years old. Some of the news reports about the case described the act of divorcing over an affair that took place about seven decades ago as sour or bitter. Some blogs showed clipart of angry old men.

According to the British Daily Mail, Antonio "saw red" when he discovered the love letters from the affair his wife had ten years after they got married. Both halves of the couple have consulted lawyers, and apparently the case is going to be heard in March.

While there haven't been any direct statements from the couple themselves, Rosa's lawyer Lawyer Anna Orecchioni said: "The husband decided to file for divorce after finding the love letters. He felt betrayed and unable to carry on with the marriage which has lasted 77 years. It made no difference that the letters were written more than 60 years ago and the relationship has been over for decades. He has decided to divorce her and the case has already been submitted for a court hearing in March. The couple have five children and numerous grandchildren and great children. It's a shame the marriage has ended in this way after such a long time together."

The "Cs" will be the oldest couple to ever get a divorce.

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