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A Lump on the Scalp

This condition, although rare, affects some people. Namely, some people may notice lumps on the top of their heads. There are two major causes of this condition. Therefore, in order to be more aware and informed, read on and find out about the best treatment.

Reasons Behind This Condition

First of all, a common reason behind this condition is the seborrheic dermatitis. Namely, this condition causes a thick layer of dead skin to be formed on one's scalp. In order to make things worse, this lump feels extremely tender to the touch and causes significant irritation as well as discomfort. Often, but not always, this skin condition may be accompanied with dandruff. Also, this condition can appear with infants as well as with adults.

Secondly, there is another, additional reason behind a lump on one's scalp. Sometimes, due to excessive exposure to dirt and sweat, as well as poor hygiene, our hair follicles may get infected. All the dirt gets inside the follicles, along with the bacteria, creating a cyst. This condition is called a sebaceous cyst. Apart from having a lump on the scalp, the person who suffers from this condition may feel unpleasant odors coming from the cyst. Additionally, a damaged sebaceous gland, or a certain genetic disorder may all stand behind this condition as well.

It is important to react as soon as you have noticed the lump on your scalp. Since, in most cases it is created due to a bacterial or fungal presence, absence of timely reaction may only cause infections, making the whole condition significantly harder to be treated. Therefore, one is highly advised to seek medical attention immediately after noticing the lump.

Possible Treatment

There are a few things which can be done in order to treat the first cause of lumps on one's scalp, the seborrheic dermatitis. Firstly, your doctor may prescribe you a special shampoo, containing all the necessary substances for treating the lump. During washing, you should leave the shampoo on your hair for several minutes in order for the substances to work. Most probably, several uses of this treatment will reduce the lump, if not remove it completely.

Secondly, applying apple cider vinegar on your hair, and leaving in for a half and hour can be of great assistance. Make sure you get it to your follicles and wash it good afterwards.

As far, a a sebaceous cyst is concerned, the treatment is a bit more radical. Namely, a surgical procedure may be necessary. After the surgery, the patient is to keep the scalp clean and disinfected, taking some antibiotics during the recovery period.

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