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Liver cancer symptoms in women don’t differ very much fromthe liver cancer symptoms in men. The only difference is that they are moreobviously seen in women. Liver cancer is one of the most dominant cancertypes in world and it appears more often in people who are of African or Asianorigin. Men have more predispositions to develop liver cancer than women.

About Liver Cancer

There is more than one form of liver cancer. In the casethe cancer develops directly from liver cells, it is called primaryliver cancer. Liver metastasis is a condition in which cancer spreads fromother organs such as stomach, lungs, breasts and other to the liver. Accordingto studies, the liver cancers takes the fifth place in the world. There arelittle possibilities to survive if you have liver cancer; one year is someaverage duration of life for a patient suffering from liver cancer. After thethorough following of patients who were diagnosed with liver cancer, it wasdetermined that it is difficult to diagnose liver cancer at an early stage, which is why the mortality is so high.

Symptoms of Liver Cancer in Women

The practice showed that symptoms of liver cancer in men andwomen are not so different; in fact they are the same except for the fact that some symptoms are more often seen in women. In most cases, signs andsymptoms of liver cancer include weigh loss that can’t be explained, loss ofappetite, pain in the upper area of abdomen, etc. Other possible symptoms thatmay indicate liver cancer are yellow circles around the eyes and nails, andthe outcome of that is jaundice. Depending upon the cancer type, symptoms canchange, but generally, they are more evident in women than in men. Unfortunately,they can often be replaced with the symptoms that appear due to PMS or anovarian cancer. Weakness, pain around the right shoulder blade, anemia,anorexia, and other possible symptoms can appear if a woman has liver cancer. Sadly, women most often ignore these symptoms and blame it on their lifestyle and diet.

A diagnosis for liver cancer is the same for men and women.It includes blood tests, liver biopsy, CT scan, MRI, and other tests. The treatmentis also the same and it includes radiation therapy, heating (radiofrequencyablation) or freezing (cryoablation) cancer and other methods. So, it doesn’t matterif you are a man or a woman, if you notice or experience any of these symptoms, it would be good to visit a doctor and do thorough check-up of your body sothat you can exclude any possibility of liver cancer. If a liver cancer isthere, then the treatment of liver cancer can bring some positive results.

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