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Many people wonder whether stress can cause hives to appear and they should know that it does. Stress is one of the factors that influence the showing up of hives because it changes the balance of hormones. When a person's hormones are imbalanced, the signs will be visible on the skin. According to some researches, almost 20% of all people suffer from hives at least once during their lives. In most cases the hives show up on the face but people should also know that hives can occur on any place on the body. When they first appear the hives will be quite small but they can become pretty big if not treated, even one foot in diameter.

Hives are pretty inconvenient because they itch, burn and even sting in some cases. However, the good thing is that hives do not last long and a person can be free of them within a couple of hours. Experts agree that stress is one of the causes but they sometimes have problems determining what the real cause is.

In order to know what causes them, it is probably best that a person gets to know about various types of hives.

Types of hives

People who have ordinary hives do not even know that they have them and they appear out of nowhere. This type of hives look like red and swollen itchy areas on the skin. A person will usually be free of them within a couple of hours but in some cases they stick for a couple of weeks.

Physical hives occur when a person's skin is exposed to something from the environment. Chemicals, overexposure to the sun and scratching are some of the factors that can cause physical hives. However, even deodorants, pets and perfumes can be the cause as well.

Acute hives are caused by an allergic substance or food. They appear quickly but they also disappear as fast.

No one knows for sure what causes chronic hives but they last for weeks. There was a study that showed that 75% of people suffering from chronic hives had them for over a year.

What causes hives?

The body is a very complex system of hormones that are alerted when a person is stressed. Chronic stress leads to hormonal imbalance and that has a few effects on the body. Skin inflammation is one of them. In most cases ordinary hives are caused by foods a person eats because he or she may not know that he or she is allergic to certain food. Apart from the allergies, a person may suffer from hives because of the insect bites, infections and even new medications. There are various treatments for treating hives but a person should first talk to a doctor.

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