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A large number of people in the world suffer with either nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism which is a bent cornea which causes a person’s vision to be blurry. A good number of these people have turned to Lasik eye surgery for the answers.

What is Lasik

It is a surgical procedure that will help a person to be less dependent on their glasses or their contact lenses. It is simple and most of the time effective. It began in 1990 and Lasik has been performed on over twenty million people worldwide. About one million American people have done Lasik surgery.The Disadvantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

All surgical procedures have their own advantages, disadvantages, and risks. The Lasik eye surgery was designed to correct the sight of people who suffer with long sightedness and short sightedness. It is very tempting to have the procedure done because it can mean the end of your glasses through a simple ten minute surgery. The main disadvantage to Lasik eye surgery is the cost of it. It usually costs around two thousand US dollars to have the procedure performed. Another disadvantage of going through with Lasik eye surgery is that your insurance company probably will not cover the procedure for you because as far as the insurance companies are concerned they see surgeries as either two things, elective and none elective. Basically a none elective surgery is done to preserve a healthy class of life and an elective surgery is, as it states, you can chose whether or not you want or need it. At present the insurance companies have not marked Lasik eye surgery as none elective. Some patients will still need to wear glasses after their procedure.The Risks of Lasik Eye Surgery

It is a gamble if the Lasik eye surgery is a success or not. There is a possibility that your eye sight may in fact be worse after the procedure than when you went in. Unfortunately, the Lasik eye surgery in none reversible and you are basically trapped with whatever the result may be. Even though this type of surgery is the latest technology available it is far from perfected. Mistakes are still a possibility as with any surgical procedure. There was one story about a lady that had the procedure and the ophthalmologist had accidently left metal bits inside her cornea that reflected the light and put her in agonizing pain.

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