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The role of kidneys

It is not rare that people outside of the medical profession pay little attention to kidney health. Most people are concerned about heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other deadly diseases, but not many know that kidney disorders can actually cause those diseases.

Kidneys play a very important role in the human body. They basically keep the blood clean and free of toxins by filtering it. They also regulate the quality and quantity of blood, which is important because healthy blood is the absolute condition for healthy body.

In case of a kidney failure, toxins and waste products run freely through the blood stream and accumulate, disrupting the chemical balance and changing the volume and viscosity of blood. This also has a significant negative effect on immune system.

Because all the systems in human body are associated and connected, sometimes even co-depending, kidney care means care for the overall health.

Diet for better kidney health

Eating habits and factors in the diet are maybe the most important contributors to kidney problems. The hectic pace of modern life has left little time for healthy eating and many people just do not eat right, which easily reflects on their health, kidneys included. Everything a person eats ends up in the blood on some level, trough digestion. When food contains toxins and waste products, they need to be eliminated from the blood, and this puts a lot of strain on kidneys, from which they can suffer.

Today the food, which is mostly refined, is heavy with artificial flavorings and colors, preservatives, sugars, fats, salt, and cholesterol.

The best way to improve one’s diet is to incorporate more of the so-called “super-foods” like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains. They boost the immune system and also contain antioxidants, which prevent many serious diseases.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is another essential factor for good kidney health. Most experts recommend drinking eight glasses of plain water a day.

Kidney supplements

The sad truth is that today many people are simply not able to eat properly on a constant basis. Since their body may suffer from it, it is often recommended that they take different supplements.

Kidney health cannot be maintained without proper nutrients in adequate amounts. Every individual needs to evaluate, possibly with the help of a health provider, what nutrients he or she is lacking, and then make up for the deficiency by taking supplements.

However, persons who have had kidney failure must not take any supplements or drugs on their own, without medical advice and supervision, because they may cause further damage.

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