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Kegel exercise was discovered by Dr. Kegel and it is a specific type of the exercise that involves muscles located beneath the pelvis. If you want to find out exactly what these muscles are, you can try to stop your urine flow deliberately and the muscles you engage then are those muscles that need to be exercised. Urinary incontinence is something that requires exercises of this kind in order to get control over these muscles and stop the leakage. People who are older than 40 usually suffer from urinary incontinence, and this problem can also be caused by low estrogen levels or obesity.
Why do we need Kegel exercises?
If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, you won't be able to stop the flow of the urine when you want and that can be rather embarrassing. These exercises will help you make those muscles stronger and to stop this problem from occurring. However, these exercises must be done on a regular basis and correctly in order to be effective.
Proper way to do Kegel exercises
Women often engage wrong muscles when doing this exercise. That is why we recommend a visit to a doctor so that you get proper advice and learn how to do these exercises in the right way. There is another way to find out what these muscles are and it includes putting your finger in your vagina and trying to squeeze it. If you do it right, you will feel that these muscles press your finger. You should isolate these muscles and engage them only while doing this exercise. You should do these exercises for five minutes, two times per day. Engage these muscles, count to four, relax them after that, and keep them relaxed for the same amount of time. It may be hard at the beginning to do the exercises for five minutes, but over time and with practice, it will become easier. You should be persistent and do these exercises for at least six weeks in order to experience some changes. Some women need even twelve weeks to notice the difference.
Other important tips about Kegel exercises
You will get a maximum benefit from these exercises if you do them for five minutes two times per day, and the best time to do them is before you get out of bed, or before you fall asleep. Over time, your muscles will become stronger and you may find it easier to do these exercises. When this happens, you can try to keep you muscles squeezed until you count to eight and then relaxed for the same time. The daily routine stays the same. You can do these exercises less frequently if you are not experiencing problems with urine incontinence any more.

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