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Only the strong should survive is the idea that Darwin was promoting, but with expensive IVF being a procedure that bypasses the "survival of the fittest" sperm of all qualities are purposefully injected into a female's egg. Consequently this means that not the healthiest sperm creates the pregnancy. When I think too much about this, my mind swims and I struggle with the idea that only the strong should survive.

Dr. Tommaso Falcone from gynecology department at the Cleveland Clinic and director of Reproductive Endocrinology Research Laboratory is afraid that there are thousands of boys, needless to say generation of boys, created who might be carrying their father's gene of having not-so-healthy sperm. Dr. Falcone says We may have tens of thousands of boys born with infertility. Despite the fact that the Genetic fallout for ICSI sons is still largely unknown, up to 40% of cases is in connection with male infertility factor, having problems with sperm, including damaged semen, low sperm count or having no sperm at all. Dr. Falcone says that in US more than 50 hundred babies are born with the help of IVF, and approximately one fifth of them are the offspring of male factor fathers. When woman has an issue with infertility, she not that likely to transfer her problem (such as blocked fallopian tube etc.) to her daughter, but the problem occurs in men.

With men the cut is not so clear. You will be shocked after reading this, but in half of male infertility cases doctors do not know the exact cause of infertility. They think the infertility cause may be rooted in their genes. For example, last year Danish researchers revealed stunning findings: levels of testosterone hormone were lower in baby boys produced through ICSI than in those male babies that were conceived naturally. This issue rises many additional questions about IVF ethics and a prospect of a society in which many men can't father children naturally. I started to question myself is the cost of having a child, a cost of having a potentially infertile child? Is that egoistic? I believe yes.

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