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Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is the perception of a sound when there is no sound in the external world. Every one in five people has tinnitus, meaning it is a common condition. Tinnitus is aactually a sign of an underlying problem, for example ear injury, hearing loss due to aging or disorder of the circulatory system. Although it looks harmless, tinnitus is something a person should consult his or her doctor about because it may conceal something more serious.


Ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, roaring or clicking are all sounds a person with tinnitus hears. These noises nobody else can hear, they vary in strength and are not present constantly. Depending on the kind of the noise, tinnitus can be subjective (only a person reporting tinnitus can hear it), and objective (the doctor examining the patient can hear it).

Prevention and treatment

A person can prevent tinnitus by avoiding potential irritants, covering up the noise, avoiding stressful situations, living healthier life-style, which primarily means drinking less alcohol. Everybody, not just people suffering from tinnitus, should take greater care of their health. However, tinnitus suferrers should protect themselves from loud noise such as loud music, chainsaws, firearms. Healthy lifestyle is important for treating conditions such as tinnitus, but it is beneficial for preventing them from happening, as well. However, there is no definite cure for tinnitus. There are many studies underway, so there is hope. One of the studies investigates the use of the stem cell from embryos and the way they are converted into different kinds of cells. It is believed that stem cells from sensory nerves can be grown again in the area of the damaged ear. This is a promising research and the result of it could be a tinnitus cure. Another method that is being tested is the use of algorithms.

Both of these methods, stem cell process and algorithm process, involve neurological nerves, and tinnitus exists somewhere on the neural network. Both of these methods are in their early stages, so people cannot trust them just yet. The other unfortunate fact is that these treatments will be extremely expensive once they start being implemented, so the average person with this condition will not be able to afford it. Although it is encouraging to know that new cures are being developed, people suffering from tinnitus can alleviate the consequences of their condition by changing their lifestyle, but also use other remedies that are available to them.

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