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SIDS is the abbreviation for the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and that explains it all. Ironically, nothing is explained by this, since it is a syndrome, which means that this condition could only be understood as the group of symptoms and signs that occur together and characterize it. It is introduced into the medical terminology since there is a considerable number of the newborns and infants who die from no apparent reason on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, the studies have come up with the evidences that the boys and the infants between the second and the fourth month of age are more prone to be affected by this syndrome. Also, the mother’s age plays an important role in the factors of risk. That is, the babies whose mothers are rather young, are more likely to be the targets of the SIDS. And, the susceptibility of the babies in general to this syndrome increases in the winter periods.


Fortunately, this condition could be controlled to some extent, but only by lowering the risk factors, if it is possible.

Besides being very frightening to even think about it, the treatment and prevention are only based on assumption, mostly because there is no the history of the illnesses in infants, logically. The possible susceptibility for SIDS is based on the related disorders which could happen to a baby after or before the birth: the problems in the growth, some infections or the other defects of a fetus.

Nowadays, the researchers are focused on getting to know more about the stage of the development of the nervous system, the heart, the brain, and the other vital functions in the after birth period, so that the factors of risk could be discovered.

However, there are some things that have the harmful effects on the life of a newborn. For example, an infant must sleep properly, so the baby should lie on its back, and on the solid base, since placing a pillow underneath a child can lead to its suffocation.

The common misapprehension is that the common cold causes SIDS. But, the symptom of it, the increased temperature of the body, can lead to it, especially when combined with increased temperature in the room.

It is very advisable for mothers to breastfeed their babies, since it is well known that it is very beneficial for the health of the lungs and the digestive system of newborns.

And, at the end, it is also important to point out and remind the pregnant women that the smoking mustn’t be practiced neither, before, nor after giving a birth.

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