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Fetal alcohol syndrome is irreversible state of both mental and physical defects. The condition is incurable. Both the person who is ill and the family suffer from the consequences of the disease. Fetal alcohol syndrome develops as a result of drinking during pregnancy. The mother does not have to be an alcoholic and even small quantities of alcohol or a drink once in a while may cause the problem. Depending of the severity of symptoms some people who are suffering from mild forms of fetal alcohol syndrome may be helped with certain aids such as hearing aids or spectacles.


The best way is to prevent the development of the condition. Even when previously warned some women do not take the warning seriously and keep on drinking even though they are pregnant. They are advice to go to counselors and to restrain from alcohol as much as possible. They should be presented with all the possible complications that may occur if they continue drinking. Additionally they need to know that there is no substantial data of how much alcohol is exactly necessary fro the condition to develop.

When the condition develops there is no come back. The outcome of the disease is not promising.

Treatment Options and Care

The prognosis of the condition lies in several facts. First one is early diagnosis. The second one is participation in special education and social services. The third fact is that the patient's environment needs to be loving and full of encouragement and rather stable. The last factor is the essential value of the absence of aggression and violence.

If the diagnosis has been set on time i.e. at very early age the affected child may be educated in special schools. Additional help both to a child and a family will be provided by certain social services. The sooner the family realizes why the child's behavior differs from the behavior of other children the better they will act and try more to help the child.

Each child will be educated up to his or her limit and will be trained and qualified to certain extend. The school will assist in adoption of specific behavior patterns. The best thing a family can do is to collaborate with special social services on regular bases. These services will provide with all the necessary information regarding fetal alcohol syndrome.

Family must show affection and attention to ill child. The strength and good interpersonal relationships have positive effects on child.

One of the very important things is that in child's family there should be no aggression and abuse both mental and physical. Violence is highly forbidden.

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