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At SteadyHealth, we never get tired of writing about ovulation. That is because ovulation, and specifically knowing when you ovulate, is so very important if you are trying to have a baby. Every woman is different. Some experience ovulation pain, tender breasts, or even fatigue while they are ovulating. Others have no symptoms at all and need to rely on ovulation tests to determine their ovulation. Is cramping an ovulation symptom and can you rely on it to determine when you are fertile?

To answer the question whether cramping is an ovulation symptom, we can only say absolutely! Many women experience abdominal pressure and cramping during their ovulation. Around 20 percent noticed ovulation pain, and cramping can probably be lumped into that same category. If you are one of those ladies who noticed cramping around mid-cycle, you will get a global idea that that is most likely your ovulation. Relying on cramping to tell you when to have intercourse if you are trying to conceive is less of a good idea, unless you have verified that cramping indeed indicates ovulation.

An online acquaintance whose blog I follow recently got pregnant after relying on ovulation cramping to tell her when to avoid intercourse. This is a powerful tale to warn you that you cannot count on abdominal cramping as a means to tell you when you are ovulation when you are actually hoping to avoid pregnancy. Abdominal cramping can also be caused by a wide variety of other causes. These include but are not limited to pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, chlamydia, and endometriosis. If the cramping you experience pops up throughout your cycle or is very heavy, please don't suffer in silence and see a doctor. If you need any kind of medical treatment, sooner is better than later.

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