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IUI or intrauterine insemination is also called artificial insemination and is a process performed using a thin, small catheter which is inserted into the cervix of a female and injecting washed sperm into the uterus. The procedure does not generally take much time to complete and depending upon what types of infertility issues a couple may be experiencing it can be highly successful.

It is completely normal for infertile couples to have many questions when considering IUI and these things should be brought up and discussed with a qualified medical professional. IUI is not something a couple can do at home, but rather a simple, but invasive procedure designed to isolate the best sperm from the male and injecting them into the female to increase the chances when trying to conceive. Ideally, an IUI should occur within 6 hours of a female ovulating, for male factor infertility issues experts recommend doing it after ovulation because the chances of successful fertilization are much higher. Timing has much to do with IUI success rates and is another question or issue a couple may want to discuss with their fertility doctor.

Consulting with multiple medical sources and checking with a number of different websites allows a couple to get a good idea of IUI success rates throughout the nation. Basically, the odds of conception will vary from couple to couple, but currently success is around 6% and can shoot up to 26%. Another important factor to consider with IUI success is the quality and quantity of the male sperm, high sperm count increases the chances. Overall success rates with IUI can be as high as 15-20% per cycle, and rates of pregnancies with multiples average between 23-30% for couples.

IUI costs and success rates are important questions which a couple needs to address prior to undergoing the procedure and if possible it is a good idea to ask the facility for any literature which can clarify these issues. IUI still remains one of the most common ways in which to approach infertility and will cost around $200-300 per cycle, not including medical tests, medications, ultrasounds and blood work. IUI is something that can be highly beneficial to a couple when natural methods to conceive have failed. IUI has allowed many to fulfill the dream of pregnancy signs and finally parenthood

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