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Ink Poisoning

When large amounts of ink are ingested, this problem will arise, and it usually happens if you take more than an ounce of ink, which is otherwise pretty safe in small amounts. The common ink used today in the fountain pens does not contain any poisons. So how ink poisoning occurs may dazzle few people. Solvents, water, dye and pigments are constituents of ink. We will see, if we can come to the conclusion if ink poisoning is or is not detrimental.

We have said that ink is safe generally speaking, but consumption of large amounts can cause problems. However, you should never drink ink. The problem with ink poisoning can sometimes cause more serious problems but it is never fatal. Some problems that will arise if ink poisoning is present are staining of the mucus and skin membrane, irritation of the eye and several headaches. The problem with ink poisoning may concern the skin doodlers. Since they usually have hands stained with ink, this problem may seem serious to them. Do not be frightened because of this. This problem will not appear unless the ink reaches the bloodstream, which happens if a wound is present on the skin of the hand. The problem that will probably hit those with skin doodling is the discoloration and irritation, which can be brought on by the chronic skin doodling. The lining on the skin, which acts as a defense layer, will be dried up because of the ink. The ink does this because of the drying of the natural oils and it will lead to seriously dry and sensitive skin. So, we advise that you find somewhere else to doodle.

Tattoo and Print Ink

The ink for printing contains an ingredient that makes it a bit more toxic. So, ingestion of a small amount of this ink will bring ink poisoning, while larger dosages can lead to nervous system problems. When tattoo ink is concerned, this type is non-toxic, but it can sometimes causes small irritation. Still, do not ingest this ink because it can be dangerous. The people who work with this ink need to be careful and watch that they do not get exposed to this ink, since dermatitis and similar problems may occur.


If the problem in question arises, visit a doctor as soon as possible. You will need a treatment. Vomiting is a popular way of the ink removal, but do this only if professional has instructed you to. Treatment will be depending on the severity of the poisoning. Remember never to consume ink from the pens because it can lead to serious danger, so think twice if you are planning a practical joke on somebody.

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