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Chronic conditions are those who tend to be persistent andreoccur. Some of them may last for years and years. These medical conditionscannot be cured, even though most of them are not disabling. The most prevalentchronic conditions commonly include hay fever and sinusitis but there are alsoones which are much more serious such as arthritis and heart disease. Such severe medical conditions are responsible for limitations in everyday livesof people everywhere around the world. It is largely common for people whosuffer from chronic medical conditions to require rehabilitative, social andpersonal care for prolonged periods of time. Chronic conditions affect bothmale and female persons from all different age groups, all different ethnic orracial groups and with all different financial means. Chronic medicalconditions affect the lives of those who suffer from them but also the lives ofthe ones who are the closest to them such as family members and friends. It is a well knownfact that older people are the ones who suffer from the most disabling chronicmedical conditions.

Most Common Chronic Conditions

Out of all different types of chronic types of medicalconditions there are several which can be considered as the most common onesand those include orthopedic impairments, sinusitis, arthritis, hearingimpairments, hypertension, asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, dermatitis, migraine,heart disease and cataract. Not all age groups are equally affected by all theaforementioned chronic medical conditions. There are approximately four of thefive most prevalent chronic conditions which tend to affect both genders in thesame way. Those four chronic conditions include hay fever, hypertension,sinusitis and orthopedic impairments.

Why People with Lower Incomeshave More Serious Conditions?

It is a widely known fact that people who have lower incomestend to suffer from more serious medical conditions generally. This especiallyaddresses medical conditions which are much more costly or difficult when itcomes to treatment. The most common chronic medical conditions tend toaffect people whose annual family income is less than 20.000 dollars. The onlyexception to this is that hay fever mostly tends to affect people whose incomeis greater than 50.000 dollars.

Statistical Data

Chronic medical conditions are among the leading causes ofdeath and disability in the United States since they affect more than 100 millionAmerican citizens.

According to certain studies, the number of people inAmerica affected by chronic medical conditions will rise to 160 million by theyear 2040. By that time the cost of medical care for all American citizenssuffering from chronic medical conditions will have been nearly doubled.

People fromdifferent age groups tend to suffer from different chronic conditions. In mostcases, hearing impairments affect men much more than they affect women. On theother hand, arthritis is one of chronic medical conditions which is known foraffecting women much more than it affects men. The main statistical differenceswhen it comes to chronic medical conditions occur in the group of young andmiddle aged adults. This group of people is usually affected by the three mostcommon chronic medical conditions which are hay fever, sinusitis and orthopedicimpairments. Men who belong to this age group are also frequently affected byseveral other chronic conditions such as hypertension and various differentsorts of hearing impairments. Women from the group of young and middle agedadults are additionally affected by certain chronic medical conditions such asasthma and migraines.

There are also chronic medical conditions whichtend to affect black people much more than they affect white people. The fivemost common chronic conditions (hay fever, hypertension, orthopedicimpairments, arthritis and sinusitis) are exactly the same for both black andwhite people, but still anemia tends to affect black children much more than itaffects white children. Adult black persons also tend to get affected bydiabetes much more often than white people from the same age group. The blackmale population is much more often affected by arthritis then white men. On theother hand, various different types of hearing impairments tend to affect whitemen much more often than they affect black men.

Certain statistics showthat there are 41 percent of all people who suffer from chronic medical conditionswho are unable to perform all their daily activities normally. This especially refers to people from the oldest age group. People who tend to experience suchtroubles with daily activities usually suffer from the medical condition knownas hypertension. It is an interesting fact that black people tend to sufferfrom limitations in daily activities much more than white people. Blackchildren are also affected by asthma much more than white children. Anotherworrying fact is that hospitalization rates in the United States aresignificantly higher for patients who suffer from various different types ofchronic medical conditions.

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