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Growth spurts

During the fist year of life, a baby has five growth spurts. So, if you notice that your baby is always hungry and breastfeeding in every three hours isn’t enough for it, then your baby may have its first growth spurt. It is perfectly normal that your baby triples its weight in the first year. It is interesting that all this growth happens during the first 12 months of the baby's life. In most cases, the first growth spurt appear between the first and third week of life, then you may expect that it will happen again in its third, sixth and ninth month. It lasts only for a few days, and then it all returns to normal again.

How to recognize growth spurt?

It is very easy to recognize it. If you see that your baby is eating round the clock and always wants more, then you can be sure that it is growth spurt period. During the night, your baby will be awake longer, wanting to eat. Even if your baby is used to sleeping a bigger part of its short life, it will wake more often, screaming for food. A baby is likely to be more nervous during growth spurt and as for the drinking of milk, it will be anxious to drink more and more. And if there isn’t any more milk in your breasts, then it will become cranky and irritable.

How to cope with growth spurts

It is very difficult to deal with a newborn that is going through growth spurt. You should drink a lot of water so that you are hydrated and help is required. Your partner can contribute by spending an hour or two with a baby, so that you can rest and prepare for a long night that is ahead of you. It is important not to stop breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding and your baby is still hungry after being fed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have enough milk. You have to be aware that this is only a temporary condition and that it will pass soon. If your baby’s growth spurt doesn’t pass, you may start worrying. You can tell from its weight gain and diaper if everything is in order. If it is growing, then if is fine, but if weight is the same as before or is reducing, then it is time to visit a doctor. If you are changing five or six diapers every day, then you can be sure that he is experiencing one of his growth spurts.

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