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The Miracle of Teething

Once you are blessed by getting achild, you know that there is a long way in front of you, regardingits growth and overall health. Numerous changes are going to affectyour baby as it grows larger and through many of these, your childwill need your help and support. One of the first changes of thistype is teething. Namely, your child is bound to get its first teethwhen 6 months old. Firstly, the bottom front grow, followed by theupper front and all the others later. This process can be irritatingand even painful for the child. Moreover, this phenomenon gives birthto the risk of developing dental problems as well. Thus, you, as aproud parent are supposed to make sure that your child goes throughthis period as painlessly as possible.

Tips and Tricks Once Your Baby isTeething

As far as specific requisites for thesepurposes are concerned, it is best to avoid teething cookies andother types of food supposedly made for this period of your child'slife. Rather, classic, chilled teething ring or a simple piece ofcloth may prove to be quite enough. Alternatively, you may check thenearest drugstore for any additional over-the-counter teethingointments, gels or tablets. Nevertheless, it is best to ask a doctorfor an opinion before treating your child with these.

Childhood Teeth Deterioration

Since the first moment these littleteeth go out, they are subjected to constant decay which starts fromtheir upper parts and spreads to the rest of their surface. Thishappens due to exposure to bacteria which attack the teeth. In orderto prevent this from happening you may want to wipe your child'steeth with a soft cloth regularly. Alternatively you may use soft,baby toothbrushes as well. A single cleaning a day will be enough andyou should perform it right after the final feeding session.

As for your bacteria, which is probablythe same one which causes your child's teeth decay, you are toprevent it from doing this. Thus, do not share toothbrushes with yourchild and do not test your child's food with the same spoon it issupposed to eat from. Finally, once your child is one year old, youmay take him or her to regular visits to the dentist.

What To Use For Teeth Protection?

Most dentists will agree that afluoride-based toothpaste is the best choice once brushing teeth isconcerned. So, make sure your child's toothpaste consists of thisingredient as well.

Secondly, you need to take good care ofyour child's diet. Namely, many food your child consumes, includingmilk, formula, juices, and others, all contain large amounts of sugar,capable of causing teeth decay quickly. Therefore, be careful whenyou give these to your child and keep its teeth clean afterwards.Finally, instead of leaving your child with a bottle of milk whilesleeping, it is best to use soothers for these purposes.

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