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Facts about Vertigo

Basically, vertigo is a condition where you feel a specific type of dizziness, causing you to feel as if the world around you is spinning, even though you are not moving at all. Thus phenomenon takes place due to fluid abnormalities in the vestibular area of one's inner ear.

Therefore, vertigo is not an illness. Rather, it is an indicator of different, underlying, problem which needs to be treated in order for the vertigo itself to stop.

There are many different types of vertigo, some of which are migranious, central, peripheral, positional and physiologic vertigo.

Seeking Adequate Treatment

Before any treatment may engage, the reasons behind the vertigo need to be found and analyzed. Therefore, people with vertigo are advised to undergo thorough medical analysis, where the main cause of this condition will be located and, subsequently, treated.

Speaking of treatment, most commonly, vertigo patients get vestibular suppressants prescribed. Also, antiemetic drugs might help. The former drug reduces the size of nystagmus, restoring one's balance while the latter drug treats the symptoms of nausea, being the basic aspect of vertigo. Additionally, there are cases where anticholinergics, being medications which make one more tolerant to motion, are suggested as a part of therapy for vertigo.

Sometimes, when previous attempts fail, a surgery is necessary in order to do away with vertigo. However, since all procedures of this type are risky and may lead to hearing loss and other problems, people opt for them only when they are out of other options or when they suffer from Meniere's disease.

Treating Vertigo Naturally

The best way of dealing with vertigo is to lie down once it strikes and wait for it to pass. As the vertigo starts to lose its power, you are to turn to the side until it is gone completely.

Homeopathic medicine has proven to be very useful when it comes to treating this condition. Thus, you might opt for lobelia inflata, cocculus indicus and gelsemium. Ginkgo is yet another potential cure which is great for treating tinnitus as well.

However, there were cases where people dealt with vertigo attacks simply by staying calm, avoiding noise or bright lights.

If you are interested in natural remedies, you might try to leave six grams of coriander seeds and dry Indian gooseberries in water overnight, filtering and drinking the water in the morning. Another soaking combination involves seven kernels of almonds, three grams of poppy seeds, six grams of pumpkin seeds and 20 grams of wheat, left in water overnight and grounded together after peeling the almonds. Also, lemon juice with salt and black pepper is known to help.

Search the Internet for more effective natural remedies, treating vertigo in no time.

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