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Chronic dehydration

Chronicdehydration can be the reason of various health issues in our body. This is a conditionwhere the body is not getting the necessary amount of water for some period oftime. Most of the people have this problem but they are not aware of it until theyexperience some problems associated with dehydration. If you don’t drink enoughwater or any other fluids, the chances for developing certain health conditionsare higher.

What arethe symptoms of chronic dehydration?

There arevarious symptoms of this condition and learning about them will help you to become aware howimportant it is to drink a lot of fluids. Drinking water is one of theimportant habits in our lives that we neglected during time. So these symptomsare good to remind us how essential this habit is for our general health. Oneof the most common symptoms of dehydration is fatigue and tiredness. Duringthose days when we drink less water than usual, we can experience a temporaryloss of strength and extreme tiredness, which is why it is important to drinkenough water on a daily basis. Problem such as constipation can occur due tochronic dehydration, because if you are not giving your body enough water, then thebody will take water from wherever it can, including stool. Because of that,your stool will be dryer and it will be harder for you to evacuate the bowels. Whensomeone suffers from chronic dehydration, the constipation will surely be oneof the symptoms.

Chronicdehydration may cause infections of the urinary tract. We have to have enoughwater in our urinary tract so that our urine could be reduced in concentration.If the water is not there to reduce the strength of our urine, it can damageour membranes in the urinary tract. Damaged membrane is a cozy place forbacteria and therefore, infections will occur. The leastamount of water that should be drunk during the day is one liter, but youshould drink more than that. When you experience problems with pimples oracnes, ask yourself how much water you drink daily. Chronic dehydration is associatedwith several skin disorders, which is the reason why every dermatologist mayadvise you to drink a lot of fluid.

Otherconditions related to chronic dehydration

Obesity andoverweight can be results of not drinking enough fluid. People have thetendency to recognize thirst as hunger and this confusion is making them eat instead of drink water. By drinking a lot of water you can get rid of extrapounds and eat less. Chronic dehydration can also cause damages on your stomachwalls such as ulcers.

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