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Bee stings are rather painful and in people who are allergic can be even life-threatening. The most important thing one can do once he/she gets stung by a bee is to pluck and discard the stinger as soon as possible. By doing so all the negative effects of a bee sting can be significantly reduced. Still, there is need for further treatment, particularly in allergic individuals.

More about bee stings

Many people have experienced unpleasant sensation associated with bee stings. They definitely do not want to undergo the experience once again. Individuals allergic to bees may fear even more for their lives, since, in their case, the sting may initiate a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

Once the bee stings, it leaves a stinger inside the injured area. This tears the bee and its abdomen and allows the venom to be efficiently injected into the injured site. So by committing a suicide the bee actually does harm to a stung individual.

The stung skin soon becomes red and swollen and there are several more signs of inflammation caused by the venom.

What to do if you have been stung?

Unlike the pain associated with the sting which generally subsides within a a half of an hour or so, swelling at the stung area may linger for a day or even more. There is certain advice for people who have experienced a bee sting. By following some rules one may reduce the pain, swelling and all additional unpleasant changes associated with a bee sting.

Once sung, a person can prevent the attack of other bees. Namely, the honey releases a scent in the air. This attracts other bees. So, by getting away from the site of injury one may prevent addition stings.

The second thing one is supposed to do is to inspect the injured area and remove the stinger. This way the amount of venom released is reduced, and the reaction at the injured site will not be so intensive.

Don't panic

One is advised to remain calm and not to panic. Being anxious and nervous may only cause additional problems.

Apply a remedy

There is a variety of bee sting remedies which can be applied onto the injured area. Still, before applying any of them one is supposed to consult a health care provider.

Don't scratch yourself

Swellings as well as itching in some individuals linger for a week. They should abstain from scratching the area because this may only make the swelling become worse. If swelling does not subside within a week or it affects larger portions of the skin, one should seek medical attention.

Seek medical treatment

People allergic to bee stings must seek emergency treatment. Those with severe allergic reaction usually carry epinephrine with them and may inject the drug immediately after they have been stung.

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