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Facts About Axillary Temperature

Basically, this type of temperature measurement involves placing a thermometer, which is a device for measuring your body temperature, under your armpits. This approach is considered the most practical one, even though it is not the most precise one. Rectal and oral measurement techniques are more precise, but are also far more uncomfortable. Therefore, each time you measure your body temperature using the armpit method, make sure you bear in mind that this temperature is one or two degrees lower than the actual one you are having. This is due to the fact that you are measuring your temperature from the outside, in comparison to other two approaches.

Why Do We Measure Our Body Temperature?

Simply, whenever our body heat is higher than normal, we are most likely suffering from an illness, infection or some other abnormalities in our organism. Therefore, if we are to diagnose a fever, we can use thermometers for this purpose. This way, we will know if we are sick and seek medical assistance if we are. Healthy human body temperature is between 96.6 and 98 F. Everything above this signifies a fever. Thus, whenever measuring your temperature axillary, make sure you take the temperature difference into consideration and get concerned whenever your results are close to 98 F. Also, our body heat changes during physical activities and time in general. Thus, you are to combine high temperature results with some other symptoms of an illness or a fever.

How Do We Measure Our Body Temperature?

Firstly, you need a thermometer. The best ones for these purposes are digital, plastic thermometers. These have a display and usually beep in order to tell you when the results are ready and you are allowed to remove the thermometer from under your armpit. There are also glass variants, with alcohol or mercury used for displaying results. However, these might get broken under the armpit pressure, possibly injuring you. Moreover, mercury is poisonous and should not be touched. For these reasons, digital thermometers are the best for these purposes.

As far as usage is concerned, you are to place the tip of the thermometer under your armpit and hold it tight for about 15 minutes. A digital one will beep when the results are done while you need to measure time for the glass one yourself. Keep the tip clean before each measurement and make sure you did not take a shower at least 15 minutes before measurement. Avoid touching the tip while checking the results since it may alter the accuracy of the thermometer.

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