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High temperature makes people always concern about their health. Prior to discovering anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs for bringing down the body temperature, the mass of people died from the consequences of fever. However, it is not always advisable to immediately access lowering body temperature. Viruses and bacteria can develop freely through the body in conditions of moderate body temperature. When temperature increases the immune system is alarmed in fighting already largely spread viruses and bacteria. Therefore, lowering the temperature could cause counter effect and enable the progress of infection. This also does not mean that high temperatures should not be treated. It is important to assess what are the causes of increasing temperature, and then act. That is because there are diseases such as mumps, measles, meningitis and other dangerous diseases that also cause fever. Therefore, if have been noticed symptoms such as temperature higher than 40.5 C, delirium, difficulty with breathing, stiff neck, adynamia in the hands and feet, headaches accompanied by hypersensitivity to the light, constant and unbearable pain in stomach, it is necessary to immediately seek medical help.

High temperature easily recognizes by simply placing the palm on forehead. If it is hot, the temperature should be measured by thermometer in several ways. Thermometer can be placed under the armpit, under the tongue or in the rectum. Thermometers which places at the forehead are newer date.

Treating fever does not mean its complete overthrow, but lowering the temperature to a level of 38C/101F. If that temperature does not interfere with the patient in normal functioning, it has to be maintained at that level to able the body to defend against infection. However, if vomiting, sleep disturbances or dehydration appear it should immediately visit a doctor. High temperature can be lowered by medications and on natural way. The most popular drugs for fever treatment are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. On the other side, natural methods include: having a shower, lubrication with alcohol, placing raw potato or vinegar compresses on feet, the input of large amounts of fluids and vitamin C.

Fever can be very dangerous and can even cause very serious complications. The temperature of 42C/107.6F in longer duration can cause serious brain damage. In rare cases, fever can cause febrile seizures manifesting as sudden feverish attack in the form of muscle face, hands, legs and trunk spasms. This attack is usually accompanied by vomiting, falling, uncontrolled urination, interrupted breathing and obtaining blue. The attack last about 30 seconds, after which occur only occasional muscle convulsions, and then the person is relaxed and crapulently. While these attacks look really bad, they are generally harmless and have no lasting consequences.

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