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Sperm count

One of the indicators of the male fertility is the sperm count which is the numerical assessment of the number of the sperms in the seminal liquid. When a man experiences some sexual problem the doctor orders the sperm count test which can show, in many cases, what is wrong with the fertility in the men.

Boosting the sperm count

When the sperm count test shows that the man has low sperm count there are several things that can be done to elevate the number of sperms in the seminal liquid. The natural method to boost sperm count is always the best since it has no adverse effects. Therefore, healthy foods, healthy lifestyle, daily exercising and minimum of stress are the best things that the man with the low sperm count can do in order to solve the problem.

However, it is quite easy to change the eating habits and the lifestyle but managing the stress can be very difficult and many people do not know how to do that. The stress should be managed on a daily basis by listening to some relaxing music, for example. It is observed that the men who smoke and consume alcohol have lower sperm count as compared to those who are not the consumers of cigarettes and alcohol. Therefore, these two bad habits should also be abandoned in order to boost the sperm count.

Furthermore, sperm count can be elevated by taking vitamins E and C, as well as beta carotene, since these vitamins save the sperm from the harm induced by oxidation. Vitamin C can be found in large amounts in the citrus fruits and berries whereas the best sources of Beta carotene are broccoli pumpkins and carrots. Almond and walnuts are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin C is said to prevent the sperms from sperm agglutination when the sperms are sticking together which is not good for the male fertility. A connection between low sperm count and gum problems is found and it is observed in several studies that the men who suffered from some gum disease had low sperm account.

It is also proven that the men who use the cell phones several hours a day have low sperm count while those who use it minimally have the sperm count within the normal range. Low sperm count can be increased by having sex daily and it will not only boost the sperm count, but also the man’s sexual health and his physical and psychological state.

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