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Identifying the Pills

This is a problem for most of us. Keeping them on all sorts of places and identifying which one is which, is a situation that can be a bit of a challenge. So, in order to help you with this problem, we will give you some guideline and tips on how to identify the pills. Pills are one of the forms that the medicines are available in and there are many types of pills. They are different in size, shape and color. There are some pills that are used more than others and they can be identified by the majority of people, but still, this is not the case with all people. If it happens to you to find pills in every corner of the house, or in the cupboards or even in the children's room, there are some ways in which you can detect and see for yourself which are the pills you have just found and you have no idea where they come from.


The bad thing about the task that is ahead of us is that there is no general guidelines. The pills usually depend on the manufacturer, who decides on the color, shape and size of the pills. The task of identifying pills is easy when there is a print on the pill. It states the name of it, but on some pills this print is not present. Heart shaped drugs are associated with the heart problems, but unfortunately, this is also not general and universal guideline. You can see how difficult the pill identifying can be. When identifying the pill, you have to bear in mind the design of the pill, markings, size, color, and shape.

You can use the Internet and many sites for identifying the pills. Just type in the information regarding the pill and the online finder will come up with a result. Also, you can use relevant wing, or the Division of Drug Information, and send them an e-mail asking for help on this. You can also do the same with FDA. The next day, respond should arrive in your mailbox. You can see a pharmacist, since they can surely help. The Internet can be a place you can find information about the illegal drug, if you think the pill you have found can be of such sort. You can also approach the police in this situation. We can advise you to keep a track of the pills located in your house. It is best to eliminate the possibility of misplacing the pills by marking them and keeping record. The fact sheet can also prove useful so you should hold on to it.

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