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How to heal blisters

How Do We Get Blisters?

There are many different ways of having blisters appear on specific parts of your skin. Namely, these get formed once your skin undergoes constant rubbing against a hard surface. Thus, poor fitting shoes, various hand-operated objects like scissors and many other things all may cause blisters on some part of your body. Unless the blisters appear on the inside of your mouth, when you need to seek medical help immediately, you may be able to treat your blisters completely on your own.

How to Treat Blisters?

Once a blister shows up, make sure you do not pop it. This may be the worst thing you can do, because it may get infected afterwards. This can result in pain, various complications, some of which are worse than others, and many other problems. Rather, you are to leave the blister as it is, its inner side isolated from external factors. Just keep it clean, safe and dry and the blister itself will dry out and burst, revealing a layer of new skin beneath.

If you happen to have a small blister, the best thing you can do is cover it with a small band aid, keeping it safe. Larger blisters, however, will require a more demanding approach. For these, you will need a piece of gauze which you can keep tight with a medical, sterile tape of sorts. Note that, if your blister bursts while under the band aid or the piece of gauze, make sure you change it often, again, in order to avoid any infections and unwanted escalations of your problems. Additionally, once your blister bursts, do not try to remove the extra layer of the skin by peeling it off, especially if your blisters appear on your legs due to diabetes or some other, similar problems. Since these blisters tend to be large, the removal of the skin may give way to infections, which can later produce dead tissue, potentially leading to the need of limb amputation. Death may even be one of the things connected with infected blisters, usually those larger ones. Thus, upon noticing a large blister on your skin, seek medical assistance immediately.

As for small blisters, all you need to do is to press them with a band aid, which is to be sterile, in order for them to eventually burst. When they do, cover them with gauze and make sure you remove all the discharge and fluids coming out of the blister, allowing a speedy and healthy recovery.

Finally, blood blisters are to be left alone in order to heal properly. So, do not force them into bursting. Rather, for pain relief, apply ice packs and keep them clean and safe until they disappear on their own.

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