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We will talk about this very common and widespread condition. Mild gingivitisis the most common and almost every person on the planet suffers from thisproblem at least once during the lifetime. This problem usually causes minimalproblems and discomfort, but sometimes periodontitis can occur. It is a more serious condition than gum disease, which is usually created if the gingivitis is nottreated. This problem causes great pain, bad breath and loss of teeth. Strokeand similar heart problems can occur more easily if a person suffers from thisgum disease. All of this can be eliminated with the proper treatment ofgingivitis, which includes changes in lifestyle and oral hygiene.

Treatment for Gingivitis

When you are suffering from gingivitis, you have to remove the bacteria-ladenplaque and tartar, and this can be done only by the professional teeth cleaning.Some people would say that this is unnecessary expense since it can be done athome. But there are more pros for going to the dentist, like avoiding trauma, for example.Gingivitis can be avoided and eliminated if we floss once a day. When flossing,rub the teeth on each side and form a C when doing this. Do from front to backteeth and remember to go under the gum line. After flossing, you should rinse,swish and then brush the teeth since the filth, bacteria and plaque needs to beremoved. Try to brush at least twice a day with polished bristled toothbrushand fluoride free toothpaste. When you are brushing, back teeth should bebrushed with horizontal strokes while front should be brushed in verticalstrokes. When brushing, be gentle, and it is best to do it after meals. Brushingshould be no shorter than 5 minutes.

When experiencing gingivitis you should eat green leafy vegetables, meats,grains, and fruit. Zinc, vitamin A, C and E are very important for thetreatment. Teeth health requires minerals like magnesium and calcium, so try toeat food with high levels of these substances. Killing the bacteria is aneffect mouthwashes have. The antiseptic mouthwashes also eliminate tartar andplaque and make the breath fresher, but it cannot eliminate the already createdgingivitis. Also, dilute the mouthwash with water, 50:50 measures, if themouthwash is making the mouth feel dry. The problem of gingivitis is usually created because of the life habits wepossess. Junk food, sodas and many other things have a number of bacteria andthey gather over time. Truth is that some people are more prone to thisproblem and create gingivitis faster than others, but this happens rarely.Remember that the immune system needs to be strong and try to avoid activitiesthat compromise the immune system. Also, smoking should be avoided, since it canmake the healing process harder.

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