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Introduction to mild food poisoning

Food poisoning usually results from a person eating a food that has been contaminated with some kind of bacteria or toxins and if it is only a mild case of food poisoning, there are home remedies that will be able to treat it effectively.

Food items that are fouled by poor cooking practices, lack of sanitation, faulty storing or preservation of food.

Thankfully, most cases of food poisoning are mild and short-term, however there are severe and life-threatening cases, especially if the food poisoning symptoms last for over a week. However, most of the time, the food poisoning will be mild and treatable at home.


As stated previously, food poisoning is caused by food being contaminated with infectious agents, especially, bacteria and toxins.

Not only can it result from faulty cooking or storage, people could also be poison when eating non-edible things such as poisonous mushrooms or pesticides on vegetables that were not cleaned properly.

But usually it is a preparation-related problem. Poor hygiene during cooking is often a cause of food poisoning.

The severity of the poisoning can be determined by the severity of the pain and discomfort and how long it lasts.

Mild food poisoning should last only one or two days, but if it is more serious, a person might need up to two weeks to fully recover.


When a person has been poisoned by food, they will probably be suffering from stomach pain, upset stomach, loss of appetite and common stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting. Diarrhea is another probable symptom.

Oftentimes mild food poisoning is mistaken for a stomach flu, mostly because the symptoms are so similar. Treatment

Since mild food poisoning is not such a drastic ailment, people will usually not have to visit the doctor or go through any kind of therapeutic treatments.

There are things that a person can do in the privacy of their own homes to help them overcome the stomach problems that are occurring because of the food poisoning.

It is, above all, important to drink a lot of water, because the vomiting and diarrhea that a person will likely experience will leave them dehydrated.

Even if a person does not feel like eating at all, they should try to eat something mild and bland. Crackers are a good idea, especially unsalted ones. It is very important to stay away from hot, spicy and acidic foods, because these can aggravate the symptoms even further.

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