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Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection by a bacteria that grow in areas with the most oxygen and blood, most often in the lungs. If tuberculosis is found in the lungs, it is called the pulmonary TB.It can also spread to other parts of the body, and the treatment is most often successful but takes 6 to 9 months. TB can be latent or active, depending on whether your immune system can fight it off or not. If the bacteria start growing it becomes active and the immune system loses control, therefore enabling the disease to spread. It can also spread onto other by breathing air with bacteria released from the ill person's lungs by coughing or laughing.

The symptoms of active TB include: a cough bringing up thick, bloody, cloudy mucus from the lungs, tirednes, weight loss, rapid heart beat, chest pain, shortness of breath, night sweats and fevers.

Home treatment of TB can be successful but some measures have to be taken and followed to avoid spreading of the disease to others and maintaining correct healing processes. A person should take all the prescribed medicines and report any side effects to the doctor, especially if the person experiences vision problems. Home treatment of tuberculosis means that the person is not to leave the bed or room to minimize the spreading. Filling the room with fresh air is very important as the bacteria in the air get blown out as well. A balanced and healthy diet is key to ensuring enough nutrients are provided to help fight off the disease.

As the treatment takes such a long time, people can get embarrassed about having TB and feeling bad because they can infect others and have to be isolated and alone for most of the time. They cannot attend school, work or any other social occasions, and worry about losing income or even job, which in turn provide money for the medication. Depression is usually the result of these difficulties. Social workers can help out with the depression and the state's health department can help with the costs of treatment and provide some funding. Exercise and a healthy diet are essential in maintaining health and improving the immune system to fight of the disease. Losing sleep and weight can endanger your recovery and have to be checked and restored as soon as possible.It is very important to keep all of these factors in mind, talk to your doctor about any question and problem you experience, and follow all prescribed measures to ensure full recovery.

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