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People are ignorant if they think infertility is a woman's problem. For those not familiar with the situation, as much as half of the infertility cases involve men and in 30% of cases male's low sperm count is the cause for having problems with infertility. For this reason it is essential that men get tested for fertility too. Tests at the doctor's office can be embarrassing, but there are home fertility tests for men and they can check sperm at home without any discomfort.

Men might avoid (although not recommendable there are issues this test cannot detect) unnecessary visit to a urologist to evaluation for male infertility, and they might avoid uncomfortable questions including sexual life, including any problems with sex or previous sexually transmitted diseases, question about full medical and reproductive history, along with any surgeries they'd had and medications they were taking. Home fertility tests aren't just for women anymore. Scientists were developing testing device for more than 10 years, and a new device that checks a man's sperm count is soon going to enter the market in United Kingdom, and is still undergoing FDA (Food and Drug Administration) review in US.

The test will measure sperm level by detecting a specific molecule. Test detects an antigen found on the surface of the head of a sperm cell known as SP-10. For example, a normal level of sperm counts is 20 million per milliliter of semen and above. This test will tell if a man's sperm count meets this level, or if the man has low sperm count, that is bellow five million sperm per milliliter. If the test shows man has low sperm count, he should seek medical treatment for infertility. The test will cost approximately $30 which is still saving quite some money comparing to checkups and tests made in the doctor s office. This test is definitely a great help for couples who are trying to conceive since it might help detect the cause, and might help them show them a way to start solving their problem.

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