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Holy basil is a plant widely used for making many medicines, but this plant is also used as an ingredient of many recipes since it has good aroma and flavor. All parts of holy basil, except for the root, are used since this plant has many health benefits. The people who have knowledge about herbal remedies know about this herb and its effectiveness in treating many health problems.

Holy basil originated from Asia, precisely from India, where it is known under the name tulsi. There are three varieties of this plant, which differ in flavor and aroma, and these three varieties are Rama tulsi, Krishna tulsi and Vana tulsi. The holy basil gives purple flowers, which are afterwards dried and used together with the leaves and the seeds for many herbal remedies.

Health benefits of holy basil

Holy basil is an herb that is considered to be an adaptogen since it makes the body adaptive to stress. Stress has become an everyday problem in many lives, and therefore, holy basil is very beneficial for those who have to cope with it constantly. Apart from having anti-stress properties, holy basil is also considered to be a strong booster of the immune system, which is why it is used for making the immune system stronger. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also powerful in treating many inflammations that occur in the body, as well as for removal of toxins from the body. Holy basil also contains antioxidants, which are necessary for fighting against free radials; therefore, it can be used as a preventive measure against bacterial, viral or any other infections.

Side effects of holy basil

The health benefits of this plant are numerous, but the fact is that holy basil has several side effects even though the evidence for the adverse effects is scarce. This plant has been used in Asia for many years and the Asians typically do not accept the claim that holy basil has any side effects. It is believed that holy basil tends to dilute the blood, which is why people who already take anti-clotting medicines should not take holy basil. Furthermore, this herb tends to reduce the level of blood sugar and for that reason it should not be used by diabetics who already take medicines for diabetes. Pregnant woman or those who want to stay pregnant should not take holy basil since there are certain indications that this plant can affect fertility.

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