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The term cancer refers to any one of a vast number of diseases that are characterized by the expansion of abnormal cells that begin to divide uncontrollably and also have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue (therefore making it cancerous). It is one of the main causes of disease-related deaths worldwide. However, today there are better chances of surviving it, mostly due to the better courses of treatment and improvements in cancer screening.

Cancer is mainly caused by mutations to the DNA that is located in body cells. The DNA contains instructions that tell the cell how to divide and grow. Any error in these instructions may lead to the uncontrollable growth of the cells. No one is quite sure what causes these errors (that are usually called gene mutations). Sometimes one is born with this genetic mutation, or it is brought on by inflammations, hormones, or other forces within one’s body. Also, they may be caused by radiation or UV light.

There is no sure way of stopping cancer, but doctors recommend a few things one might do to reduce the risk of getting cancer significantly. One should not smoke, exercise regularly (several days a week), eat a healthy diet, avoid unnecessary sun exposure, maintain a healthy weight, go to regular cancer screenings (this is the best way of catching the cancer in its early stages, which increases the chances of curing it), etc.


If a person should detect any of the following symptoms, it is vital that they consult a physician immediately. The symptoms of cancer are: tiredness and fatigue, weight changes, muscle or joint pain that is persistent and often inexplicable, indigestion after eating, lumps that can be felt under the skin, coughing, skin changes (redness, darkening or yellowing of the skin), mole changes, etc.

These are universal symptoms of cancer, but they usually vary depending on what part of the body is affected.

Natural Treatment

There are various natural ways of fighting cancer that have been proven effective. Today, when traditional medicine fails, many are turning to nature for solutions. And, sometimes, it can be worthwhile to look for another way. But, this is only for cases when conventional medicine has no other solution.

The human body is very complex, and, with the help of herbs, it can defend itself from cancer. Using herbs for cancer treatment may just aid the body support its own healing power. For this to be possible, the body needs to receive the necessary nutrients from food a person eats. Eating green leafy vegetables can be helpful in the fight with cancer. Healing cancer naturally can be attained with the right diet, regular exercise and herbs for cancer treatment.

All in all, for the best way of doing that, the body is in need of high levels of enzymes, high antioxidant levels in order to obliterate free radicals, to be able to eliminate toxins, etc.

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