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If a person has the plantar fasciitis, then there are the several ways to treat that condition. Though the traditional ways of the treatment usually do give results, in case you don’t feel better after it, then a surgery may be advised or even necessary. Surgery procedures in this case can be invasive and noninvasive. When we talk about invasive operation, it always includes aggressive cut in the foot that is under the inflammation. When the surgery is necessary it has to be performed by the specialists. There is a new way of surgical treatment called Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy and it is much better because the cut that is made is much smaller. A tube is put in the cut so that the doctors can see through the camera what is going on inside. A part from planter fascia is then cut, thus decreasing the pain that the patients feel. This operation lasts about an hour and there is no need for the patients to be hospitalized, meaning that they can go home right away. However, they will have to wear the recommended shoes for 3 to 5 days, and in about seven days, they will be ready to go back to work. In about 20 days they will do everything that you used to do before the surgery, only they will feel much better. The process of recovery is individual and it can last much longer or shorter, depending on the patient.


The most often performed surgery is heel spur removal, but it has often been criticized, due to the fact that it actually treats the consequence, and not the cause. Spur that is removed here is a consequence of the irritated fascia, so if fascia is not treated there is a great chance that spur will occur again after some time. There are noninvasive treatments that do not include any cuts and operations. The famous is Electro Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWT), where the treatment consists of applying electroshock. The duration of treatment is about 12 minutes, and sometimes only one exposure is enough to help, and that is if the ESWT machine is strong enough. Otherwise, several treatments need to be done, and the patients can go home the same day and go to work the day after. However, they should try not to be active too much, in order to ease their feet especially during the initial 20 days.

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