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The majority of people will eat out at a restaurant now and again for the special occasions simply because it’s hard to justify the expense, thus the buffet dining appears. Buffet dining is popular, cheap and you certainly get your money’s worth. This is where the problem unfortunately comes into play, with buffet dining you are literally surrounded from all angles by mountains of food and that voice in your head keeps repeating to you the fact this is an all you can eat buffet, disaster. It doesn’t have to be a weight watchers nightmare. Have a closer look at all the selections the chef has prepared and you will more than likely find there are healthy, tasty options to be had. Simply follow the below plan which will help you enjoy your buffet dinner without feeling guilty.

You Need to Have a Plan of Action

Prior to leaving your house to venture to the buffet restaurant tell yourself your rules. First of all decide just exactly how many plates with mountains of refills you will let yourself have. Secondly go through in your head the foods you will bypass at the buffet line. A third rule to consider is to tell yourself to drink water in-between your courses.

You Need to Check What Your Options Are

Don’t make the mistake of holding your plate and moving slowly from one end of the buffet line to the other because your plate will represent a mountain. You will instead browse the options first and select the most wanted only.

You Need to Give Yourself Healthy Plate Proportions

After following the rule above you then need to take a look at the proportions of your favorites, just because you’ve only put your most wanted food on your plate it doesn’t mean you need to apply double the amount. Take a look at the segments of your plate and try and have a section dedicated to salads and vegetables, have another section for a lean meat for example chicken or fish. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the amount of carbohydrates you have on your plate.

You Need to Get Your Food and Then Go

Most people at work function and so forth tend to stand all night next to the buffet table. Rather than that, collect your food and go and sit down.

You Need to Eat Slowly

It is good for your digestion and you will end up having fewer calories.

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