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High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious medical condition which can cause numerous complications. In many people hypertension is asymptomatic meaning that people are not even aware of the high blood pressure and suffer from no symptoms and signs of the disease. This is why hypertension is usually referred to as 'the silent killer'.

However, if the blood pressure is significantly elevated it will most certainly lead to certain symptoms and signs. This particularly refers to headaches. Headache is one of the leading symptoms of hypertension. But, it does not mean that every person who is suffering from headaches is also suffering from hypertension. There are numerous cases of headaches and they are not strictly related to hypertension. The best thing one can do when experiencing headaches and if he/she suspects that headache is connected to hypertension is to simply measure the blood pressure. If it is elevated headaches is most definitely cause by elevation of blood pressure. The explanation of why elevated blood pressure induces headache is quite simple. Namely, hypertension leads to constriction of blood vessels in the skull and this results in headache.

If a person is suffering from recurrent headaches and he/ she is eventually diagnosed hypertension, headache should not reoccur again once the treatment has started and elevated blood pressure has been brought under control. This is one more indicator the headaches were really caused by hypertension.

In people who experience headache due to increased blood pressure stress can be the trigger for both. Headaches caused by stress are classified as tension headaches and they may or may not be a consequence of hypertension.

Morning Headaches and High Blood Pressure

Headaches caused by elevated blood pressure typically occur in the morning. But even headache during other parts of the days may point to the presence of hypertension. Each time the blood pressure increases significantly one is going to experience headache. Morning headaches and hypertension are common in alcoholics.

Headaches, High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy

In some women pregnancy may induce hypertension. This is why a routine check-up of pregnant women regularly includes measuring of the blood pressure. In the third trimester hypertension can be caused by increase of the blood the woman's heart needs to pump. Hypertension in pregnancy can cause serious damage to both, the mother and the baby.

Typical presentation of elevated blood pressure during pregnancy includes severe and recurrent headaches which are usually accompanied by vomiting and blurred vision. Hypertension in pregnant women needs to be diagnosed on time and the treatment needs to start as soon as possible.

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