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Headache behind Left Eye

There are two causes of this type of the pain and they are either some problems with the health, or some type of a headache. This is a problem mostly associated with the headache, but this pain is usually described as shooting and extreme and it is felt behind eyes, or just behind the left one. Cluster headache is usually the cause of such problems.

Cluster headache is the most common cause of pain behind the left eye and along with pain, this headache also produces redness of the eye, tearing of the eye and intolerance to the light falling on this eye. The pain that is caused by this problem usually comes at the same time of the day and last from 15 minutes to 3 hours, but the length of the pain in most cases varies from 30 to 90 minutes. Also, this pain does not change regions and it can be described as throbbing, burning and piercing.


There are several common causes of this problem and one of them is scleritis. This problem is associated with the eye inflammation that causes pain and eye redness, it is cured with the use of steroids and it can be associated with gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Next possible cause is the dry eye, which also produces stabbing pain behind the left eye, as well as itching. This problem, mostly seen among those who work at the computer for a long time, is treated with the use of eye drops. CT scan can detect the orbital inflammatory syndrome, which can produce the pain in question along with the infection of the eye muscles. Another cause is the cranial nerve palsies, or erratic blood supply to the nerves located in the eye muscles. This problem also produces painful double vision problem. Optic neuritis can cause pain behind the left eye and also color misconceptions and blurry vision. A headache behind the left eye can be a result of sinusitis, which also causes fever, light sensitivity and runny nose.


There are several ways of eliminating this pain. If you are smoking or drinking alcohol, this is something you should quit if you suffer from this pain frequently. Also, some hormonal changes due to the medications that have to be used may arise, but if this happens, reduce the amount of medications. If you are having pain behind the left eye, try to eliminate consumption of food that contains nitrate. The problem of headache can be a result of sinusitis and in these cases, the patient must treat the sinusitis with the use of certain medication. If you are experiencing aggravation of the problem, eye numbness, or if the treatments we have mentioned are not giving results, seek the opinion of a professional.

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