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It is quite common for an individual to suffer from eye pain at some stage in life. Often, eye pain can resolve by itself, but on other occasions, it is possible that severe eye pain is an indication of a potentially more serious underlying condition. There are numerous causes of eye pain, and with this in mind, there are also numerous methods of care and treatment options that one might choose to take or adopt.
Eye pain
Eye pain can begin and originate as a result of problems with several different areas connected to the eye. For example, it is possible for problems to originate in the sclera, iris, conjunctiva, cornea, orbit, extraocular muscles, eyelids, and nerves.
Corneal abrasions occur as a result of some kind of physical injury to the eye. The cornea is a disc that covers the iris. The iris can become damaged as a result of injuries sustained during sport, or any other kind of activity that exposes the cornea to damage. If the cornea becomes scratched, this is known as an abrasion. This type of problem can be very painful. The cornea can also become infected, possibly as a result of a condition known as keratitis. Another potentially infectious cause of corneal pain is shingles.
Possible causes for eye pain
If the conjunctiva becomes inflamed, this is likely a result of a condition known as conjunctivitis. This condition can be caused by allergies or infections. This problem is commonly known as pink eye. Problems associated with pink eye include ocular discharge and itchiness. Other common causes of eye pain include blepharitis and styes. The former occurs as a result of inflammation or infection in the eyelids. This might result in one having the sensation that there is grit in the eyes. Pain from this condition can be severe. Styes are also infectious problems, but they tend to originate in the hair follicles or eyelashes. This condition can also be particularly painful. Other potential problems related to the eyes include glaucoma, iritis, uveitis, optic neuritis, and sinusitis.
Eye pain can also be associated with other problems. It is possible that one might also experience red eye, tearing, photosensitivity, discharge, foreign body sensation, nausea, vomiting, decreased vision, and headache. The symptom or related problem can give one an indication as to what the cause of the eye pain might be. If you are suffering from severe eye pain, it is necessary to seek prompt medical attention.

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