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If you are experiencing an intense headache that is recurring,then you are having a migraine. A visual disorder may happen before a migrainestarts, while along with the migraine, nausea and vomiting may appear. Untilnow, there wasn’t any medication against migraine, but there are somemedications that can decrease pain and reduce the frequency. If you go andconsult with a doctor, you may discover what medications and natural remediescan ease your pain.

You may have one of the possible types of migraine that areclassified in medicine. Chronic migraines are characterized in a way that theylast and continue over a longer period. They are caused by the state of yourbody. If you are having a stressful day or some problems, your body can reactin a headache. Status Migrainosus has the same features as typical migraine.The only difference is in a sense that the symptoms are continuous in statusmigraines for three days. When talking about persistent aura withoutinfarction, we can say that this is one of the rare complications of migraines.We don’t know a lot about PAWI, but there are few possible treatments than canbe used in this type of migraine. Migrainosus Infarction appears in the caseswhen the migraine is followed by a stroke in the area of brain from which thesymptoms appears.

If you experience a migraine seizure, it means that you have anepileptic seizure following a migraine with aura, which is a warning sensationthat precedes a seizure or other neurological disorder.

Some medical drugs that you use in order to reduce the pain maycause some other problems. In the case of no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs), an abdominal pain and bleeding ulcers are possible side effects, or,if you take headache medications nine or more days over one month, you mightface yourself with a serious complication known as rebound headache. Reboundheadache is a type of headache that returns over and over again, and it happenswhen a medication starts to cause headaches, and then you use more pain relieversand you get trapped in a circle.

Precautions that you can take on your own include findingsomething that calms you down and relaxes you, be it fishing, meditation,gardening or some other activity. Very often, we lead very fast and stressfullife, and migraines are the consequence of it. You need to keep notes about thetime when a migraine appears so that you can present it to a doctor and seewhat causes them. As much as migraines don’t seem like a serious problem,they may worsen and complicate someone’s life.

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