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Hay fever is the common name for the rhinitis which is caused by an allergic reaction. This reaction is more likely to happen in the season of pollen (in the spring and summer), so the name is justified by it. This period of the year is called also the sneezing season because of the most prominent symptom of the allergic rhinitis which is constant sneezing.

Actually, the pollen grains enter the nostrils and irritate the glands of the moist surface of the inside of the nose. This action provokes the symptoms which are similar to the symptoms of cold, and those usually are both, the congested and runny nose, itching of the nose, throat and eyes, the watery eyes, exhaustion and headache. So the best thing to do is to keep away from pollen if possible or to prevent the contact of the pollen cells with the inner surface of the nose by applying the Vaseline.

The most popular treatment of this condition is, of course, the medical treatment, and the medications that are most usually prescribed are the antihistamines and steroid-based nasal sprays (e.g. Beclometasone). Because of the nature of the hay fever, in many cases, they are recommended to be taken a few weeks before the season of pollen starts. That is also the case of the immunotherapy treatment, which includes putting on a little bit of the vaccine contents below the tongue.

The alternative medical treatment which has been proven to be beneficial too, is acupuncture. But, of course, it is better to involve the other elements of the Chinese medicine in order to achieve the best effect.

As far as the homeopathic remedies are concerned, there are certain substances that can be found in different herbs, vegetables and fruits, and which can relieve the symptoms of the hay fever. For example, one of the ingredients of chilli is capsaicin, which is responsible for the hot taste of it.

It is even prescribed as the medication in the form of spray and quickly reduces the symptoms, also providing the protection from pollen in a longer run. Another valuable substance against the hay fever is called quircetin and it is found in many vegetables but the onions are particularly rich in it.

The other herbs which are used for the medical purpose (concerning this condition) are Butterbur and nettle. They are very beneficial for both, relieving the symptoms and boosting the immunity. They are processed and recommended to be taken in the forms of pills, drops, sprays, or similar.

Anyway, some latest researches have shown that the self-hypnosis is the very effective way of dealing with the hay fever.

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