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Healthy Pregnancy

When a woman conceives, she will naturally want to have a healthy pregnancy. That requires eliminating bad habits and maintaining healthy life style. Pregnant women must have a healthy diet, regularly exercise, avoid drinking and smoking and get plenty of rest.

Healthy Diet

You don’t have to eat more when you are pregnant but it is important to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Eat foods rich in fibers such as fruits, vegetables and cereals. It would be the best to eat fresh fruit and vegetables since cooking destroys most of the vitamins. Carbohydrates are important part of every diet and can be found in bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. Such foods also contain B vitamins and proteins. Eat plenty of carbohydrates and fibers.

For proper protein intake, you should eat meat, fish, eggs or nuts. However, always choose version low in fat. This applies to milk and dairy products too. Milk is rich in proteins and calcium, but always use fresh milk. Such foods should be consumed moderately. Fats and sugars should be taken in smaller amounts and not frequently. Avoid putting on lots of pounds since it may induce some problems in pregnancy. You can maintain desirable body weight with proper diet and exercising.

Folic acid, or folate, supplements are recommended in pregnancy. You should take 400mg of folic acid per day. Also, you can eat foods that contain folate. Folate can be found in fortified breads, breakfast cereals and vegetables, such as green beans, spinach, frozen peas and Brussels sprouts.

Exercise Exercise is important for healthy body. It can help you to endure physical strain of childbirth. It will also help you to keep you spirits high. Exercise is also good for developing fetus. One of the best options is to walk or swim regularly.

What to AvoidIf you are a smoker, try to quit. Cigarettes are harmful to both mother and the baby. Smoking increases risk of miscarriage and premature delivery. If you can’t stop smoking, at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.

Alcohol is equally harmful because it can reach the baby through the bloodstream and placenta. If you have to take alcohol, you should drink only two units per day. That means, for example, one glass of vine. Avoid drinking every day and don’t ever get drunk.

Caffeine that can be found in coffee, tea, coke and coke-style beverages should be restricted. Too much caffeine can lead to miscarriage and affect baby’s birth weight.


During the first and third trimester pregnant women often feel tired. That is way you have to rest as much as possible. You may take a nap during a day or put your feet up. You can relax in many ways such as doing yoga, deep breathing, stretching or you may ask someone to massage your painful back.

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