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A Serious Serial Killer

Lung cancer is known to be one of the worst types of cancer disease. Namely, each year, about 160,000 die from lung cancer. Moreover, 170,000 get diagnosed with lung cancer yearly and 60% of them die during the first year. For those who survive the first year, two years life expectancy is the best case scenario.

All in all, it is a serious, terminal condition, manifesting through constant coughing, hoarseness, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing blood. Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. However, passive smoking, or exposure to dangerous air pollutants can also trigger this illness.

Summer and Recovery

Researches have shown that people who have their first stages of lung cancer treated during the summer cope better with their recovery stages. Taking vitamin D supplements before the surgery can prove to be helpful as well. Thus, if you take vitamin D supplements and get operated during the sunny season, your chances of surviving the risky five-year recovery period after the surgery are increased by more than 50%.

Our body produces vitamin D naturally. Nevertheless, we need sun exposure in order for the process to be possible.

The Research

Dr. David Christiani, a professor at Harvard School of Public Health carried out a research with his medical team, observing 456 lung cancer patients during their treatment. The average age of the people was 69 and almost half of them were smokers at the moment. Most of them were suffering from early stage lung cancer, with 20% who were suffering from a stage II cancer. Their diets, lifestyles and surgeries were all taken into consideration during the research. All patients had surgery, 1% also underwent chemotherapy and 9% had been exposed to radiation treatment.

During the five years of the research, 234 people lost the fight with cancer. However, those who were treated in summer, spring or fall, had 25% higher survival rate. Also, people who were taking vitamin D supplements had 28% higher survival rate. As for those who had surgery in the summer and took vitamin D supplements, their likelihood for survival after the five year treatment was 72% higher than of those who did not take the supplements and had the surgery during the winter.

Therefore, vitamin D plays a very important role in the treatment of lung cancer. The exact impact of the vitamin is not quite clear, but its benefit during the battle against cancer is indisputable. Still, people with lung cancer should not wait for the summer to get treated since time is of the essence when it comes to this merciless disease.

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