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No Sleep – No Health

Many individuals, especially in moredeveloped countries, live a hectic life which disallows them to sleepenough. As a side-effect, their health, in the long run, getsjeopardized and they become prone to many different illnesses andother health problems.

You need to sleep enough every night,concentrating on the time you spend asleep, the time you go to sleepand the time you wake up. Eight hours a night is considered optimal,even though you may stretch it up to ten. However, everything underthat is not recommended.

Too little sleep, in the long run, isknown to cause some of the following: you may feel drowsy andincapable of working or concentrating to your full capacities, mayend up suffering from insomnia, being incapable of falling asleep atall, your immunity can get severely decreased, making you more proneto illnesses, you may develop sleep apnea, which is a breathingproblem where you do not take enough air during your sleep and makelong pauses between breaths and, finally, you may become narcoleptic,falling asleep uncontrollably during the day.

Thus, pay attention to your sleepingpatterns by keeping the advices mentioned below.

How to Sleep Enough and Healthy?

The first thing you need to payattention to is to see when you are sleepy. Also, onceyou do go to bed, make sure you have a routine. This means sleepingand waking up the same time every night. Surely, there will be timeswhen you will stay awake longer and, then, you will need tocompensate for this by waking up later as well.

Secondly, you need to be physicallyactive. This means exercising at least three times a week, doing yogaand meditation, preferably in the morning and visiting gym often.This will help you spend your energy and sleep like a baby. Also,make sure you expose yourself to sunlight at least 30 minutes everyday.

Before you go to sleep, take a showerand have a nice, warm cup of milk. Listen to some music, take ashower and do any other things you consider relaxing. Additionally,eat your dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping.

Finally, make sure your bedroom isclean, serene, peaceful and comfortable, with clean sheets and arelaxing atmosphere. Then, once you lie to bed, if you cannot fallasleep withing the next 15 min, get out of the bed and do somethingelse before going back.

Have your routine for sleeping and,this way, teach your body to get rest regularly. Keep yourself freefrom stress and focus on allowing your body regenerate throughsleeping.

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