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Sleep disorder, also known as somipathy, is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns. Sleep disorders can be serious enough to affect normal everyday functioning and dealing with school, work and relationships. Sleep is essential to life, and if a person does not get enough sleep, the first symptoms of sleep deprivation start to appear. These include falling asleep in class or in the office, irritability, difficulty walking up in the morning, problems with concentration and depression after a long period of sleep disturbances. Sleep is essential for maintaining optimum health as it provides our body an adequate state to repair cells, release growth hormones, rejuvenate and strengthen the immune and nervous system.

Those who have trouble sleeping can have numerous health problems and difficulties. It is extremely important to recognize the patterns of sleep disorders and seek medical help on time. Many successful treatments are nowadays available to treat sleep disorders in children and adults.


Insomnia is one of the most frequent sleep disorders. Insomnia usually manifests as a difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep. Insomnia can be caused by numerous different factors, and it is rather a symptom than a disorder itself. Almost every sleep disorder causes insomnia, but it may also be caused by any other underlying problem. Sometimes the anxiety about falling asleep causes the insomnia, especially if the anxiety is due to a long history of insomnia.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder of breathing that occurs during the sleep. It consists of periods in which breathing stops and it is most commonly accompanied with loud snoring. The problem with this disorder is that people with sleep apnea do not get sufficient oxygen during sleep. People with sleep apnea are waking up un-refreshed and having trouble staying awake during the day. They are often complaining about headaches and waking up sweating or with the sensation of choking.


Narcolepsy is one of the most unpleasant sleep disturbances that manifests as an irresistible need to sleep. People suffering from this disorder will feel sleepy no matter how much sleep they have during the night. Narcolepsy can be extremely unpleasant and dangerous as people with narcolepsy can fall asleep while driving a car, talking, or being at work or any other social situation. These sleep attacks can be very short, lasting for a couple of seconds, or long and lasting even more than 30 minutes. This disorder is affecting the brain center that regulates sleep patterns.

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