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Many women who are hoping to prevent pregnancy by using birth control wonder about their chances of the contraceptive method they are using failing, and getting pregnant anyway. Others who are on birth control are secretly hoping they'll make a baby anyway. Most forms of contraception including condoms, the birth control pill, and a Mirena coil are highly effective, as long as they are used properly. This is a tongue in cheek guide to how to get pregnant on birth control. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, don't do any of these things. If you're on the pill, taking it at a different time every day does reduce it's reliability. The pill is most effective when you take it at the same time each day. Of course, not taking it every single day at all, and skipping a few days here and there, will have a huge impact on your chances of getting "knocked up". And if you take medication that are incompatible with the birth control pill, your odds shoot up so much that it would be safe to make a bet!

Are condoms your go-to contraceptive, the best way to make them fail is putting them on after ejaculating. But half-way through your sex does quite a good job at reducing their effectiveness as well. If you want to take it a step further, piercing holes in them with a needle really renders them useless. I know this because, a shop owner in my neighborhood recently got taken into custody after he was found pricking holes in the Durex he was selling to increase the birth rate! Breastfeeding as a form of birth control leaves quite a lot of options for getting pregnant too. Especially if you also supplement with formula, breastfeed on a schedule, or your baby already started solids.

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