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China has a hugely popular tourist destination called Shanghai. Shanghai is a sought after holiday destination for the people around the world but it is also popular for another reason, its medical care. Shanghai is highly developed and is one of the biggest cities in China. There are over eighteen million people living in Shanghai and there are also many immigrants. Shanghai has an appealing blend of East and West, and as well as this, Shanghai is known for being one of the least contaminated and polluted cities in China. Shanghai is globally recognized for its medical care and wonderful facilities. The doctors are a mix of nationals and foreigners. In the majority of the facilities and the hospitals there are specialized areas that are just for the foreign patients which have staff that are fluent in English or some other foreign languages.

Description of Shanghai East International Medical Center and Huashan Hospital

There is a hospital called Shanghai East International Medical Center. This hospital was built by foreign investment and it was also the initial hospital to get an all-inclusive hospital operating license. This hospital is open twenty four hours a day for both the in and the out patients. The address of Shanghai East International Medical Center is 551 Pudong Nan Lu, Pudong Da Dao Lu. Another hospital is called Huashan Hospital, which was founded in 1907. This hospital is united with the Fudan University. This particular hospital has a private Foreigners' Clinic which can be found at 1068 Changle Lu and it is known for giving outstanding treatments in all of its medical subdivisions. This wide-ranging teaching hospital is located in the China Red Cross. Description of Shanghai United Family Hospital and Ruijin Hospital

A hospital that has international high standards is called the Shanghai United Family Hospital. This hospital is well known internationally and is founded at 1139 Xianxia Lu, near Lingquan Lu, Shanghai. Another university hospital is called Ruijin Hospital which was originally founded in 1907.This is a very big hospital which has an area of 120,000 square meters. This hospital benefits from the services of a number of world prominent medical scientists and experts.

Description of Shanghai Medical University Children’s Hospital and Parkway Health Medical Centers

This hospital was found at 183 Feng Lin Road, Pudong. The Shanghai Medical University Children’s Hospital is a popular pediatric center as they present trustworthy treatments in every kind. The biggest private canter is called Parkway Health Medical Center. It allows all international insurances and holds a very high standard.

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