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As the most densely populated city in the world and the capital city of Japan, Tokyo attracts visitors from all over the world. Japan is generally regarded to be at the forefront of technological development and related fields. This is something that the Japanese are attempting to apply to their medical and health system, and for the most part, hospitals in Tokyo provide excellent medical service.

The Hospitals

One of Tokyo’s top hospitals is at Sanno. This hospital is specialized in many different fields, and one can receive top class treatments for a huge variety of medical ailments. Facilities at the hospital are among the best in the world and the staff provide excellent care and compassion.

Located at Akashi-cho, Chou-ku, St Luke’s International Hospital provides excellent quality of service. Founded in 1902, this large hospital is a good choice for those requiring serious treatments for severe medical conditions. The hospital complies with international standards in all departments.

A relatively newly established hospital, the National Medical Clinic possesses a group of highly talented physicians. The primary focus of this hospital is with the family. The NMC has many professionally-run departments, including gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery and internal medicine. The clinic is very popular within the international community.

An excellent choice for the international community lies in the Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic. Founded in 1951, this private hospital boasts highly qualified foreign staff and well developed modern equipment and facilities.

Seibo International Catholic Hospital is renowned for it’s maternity section. This hospital focuses more on providing proper service, rather than merely turning a profit. It is located at Sinjuku-ku.

Johns Hopkins medicine international has an affiliate in Tokyo, known as the Tokyo Midtown Medical Centre. This medical centre provides world class medical technology and the staff are well-known for their hospitality in all departments of the hospital.

Primary Care Tokyo is located in the heart of the tourist centre of Shimokitazawa. The hospital provides top notch treatment and individualized care. This hospital is relatively unique in that the approach to healthcare is a mixture of the Japanese and the American styles.

Tokyo Medical University takes a pioneering approach to medical care. They look to put the patient first and conduct widespread research and education.

Another hospital to consider is the King Clinic. It was founded by Dr King Senior more than fifty years ago, and is now highly prominent in the medical community. The hospital and its staff is respected for its professionalism, individualized care and also for the overall quality of the staff and physicians.

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