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About Mystery Bug in China

Since November, an unidentified bug has caused hundreds ofsick people in Guangdong. The panic spread rapidly and apart from this southernprovince of China it has reached Shanghai, several thousand kilometers away. There are about 300 people who got sick from the disease,and 5 people found dead due to this cause. The alarm is still on, althoughthere are no new cases reported.

National health specialists in Beijing should identify theproblem which caused the outbreak very soon, according to the authorities. It issuspected to be viral pneumonia, because many doctors and other medical staffgot it from the patients in hospitals.

Southern China is known to have rapid temperature changesand respiratory diseases are not strange in early springtime there. However,due to this problem, railway station in the provincial capital of Guangzhou isdisinfected every day, probably to prevent the possibility of flu outbreaks.

Arising Problems

People started to panic and gather the food, antibiotics andother remedies which are supposed to help them prevent or treat this medicalcondition. One of the things which is believed to work against the disease isvinegar, and Shanghai is threatened to be left without any vinegar in stock if thepanic persists.

Furthermore, boiled vinegar, thought to help with thedisease, causes more damage than good so far. Chinese believe that fumes ofboiling vinegar are a powerful disinfectant against any disease, including thisunidentified problem. Several people are found dead after boiling the vinegaron the stove throughout the whole night, among which is a family of three, mother and twokids. Children were found dead and mother is in a critical condition afterinhaling lethal vinegar fumes all night.

Other remedies that might also be useful to cure the problem arealso rapidly sold all over the China. Facial masks are hard to find anywherenear this southern province.

Authorities are faced with charges of saying too littleabout the disease and too late. Lack of information led people to believe thereis something seriously wrong, and made them obsessed with the disease. Several daysafter the news about the mystery bug came into the light, authorities advisedelderly and young people to avoid the crowds and prevent potential spread of thedisease.

Additionally, there is an enormous increase in prices ofsome basic goods. People grab supplies from the stores, panicking aboutthe possible outbreak situation. Government ensures the citizens that there is no need to dothat, but the price of salt rapidly went up and is now about 8 times the normal price.Another problem are medications and some hospitals are blamed to sell thoseabove the fixed prices.

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